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Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Australian Fire Protection

"Thank you Australian Fire Protection!  Your support ensuring the safety  with "Gigi" the pizza oven dragon in Peachey Community Garden will enable us to engage our community for generations.

We very much appreciate your professional contribution."
Ruth, Peachy Community Garden


Friday the 31st of May 2019, Australian Fire Protection's Nick and Grosvenor Engineering's Scott teamed up to perform a first response fire training session for the community garden volunteers at Peachey Community Garden, Ormeau.

The community garden initiative was created to strengthen relationships within the community and connect local businesses.
With homegrown markets and pizza parties the garden volunteers help to teach the community about the environment and it's contribution to planting and growing fresh produce.

With the introduction of the community's new
fire-breathing dragon Gigi, the safety and preservation of the garden and it's volunteers whilst operating the wood-fire pizza oven is vital.

"Each year Australian Fire Protection choose a community project to support. This year the management team decided to provide fire training and a fire evacuation plan for Peachey Community Garden, Ormeau.
Grosvenor Engineering were quick to jump on board with our vision for the project and supplied us with the equipment required to complete the training."
Tracey, Business Relationship Manager, Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection

Nick Presenting First Response Fire Training
Australian Fire Protection

Grosvenor Engineering's Scott & Peachey Community Garden Volunteers

"Nick who trained us on site snapped to attention even the most distracted of us, we were reminded how important it is to know fire protection skills.
Those who thought they were confident were very grateful for the reminder. We are now all confident in the best way to deal with a fire in our homes or on site with Gigi. Thank you Nick ."  Ruth, Peachey Community Garden

To find out more about Peachey Community Garden head to their Facebook page

"Grosvenor Engineering were delighted to be a part of this community project and were humbled by the gratitude from the people involved.

The efforts poured into this community garden are fantastic. The addition of the pizza oven is a fun and unique addition which presents a need for appropriate fire safety.

When Australian Fire Protection contacted us, we were delighted to assist with the project and provide the appropriate fire protection, so that following the detailed fire training and practical instruction from AFP they would be capable of using the equipment."
Scott, Grosvenor Engineering

Australian Fire Protection

Peachey Community Garden-  Gigi The Pizza Oven

Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection's Nick, Iris, Patrick & Debra With Peachey Community Garden Produce

"I was over the moon when asked to provide the fire safety training on behalf of Australian Fire Protection for Peachy Community Garden. The efforts the group are making are astounding and the garden is a great idea, I think more people should be involved.

A potential risk of  the pizza oven, although the risks are minimal, could see  the spread of fire from the timber storage compartment. Floating embers could easily ignite the timber therefore causing the fire to spread.

It is great to see all the effort that has been made to minimize the potential fire risks. The knowledge and skills learnt in using a fire extinguisher and fire blanket will help to extinguish any unexpected fire.

Thank you to Ruth and the team for the delicious sample of your garden's produce."
Nick, Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection's Nick

Learn more about Nick and the Australian Fire Protection Team

Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection's Nick & Tracey, Grosvenor Engineering's Scott, Peachey Community Garden's   Mia & Ruth

Australian Fire Protection

Trainer Nick demonstrating how to use a fire blanket

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