Ensuring workplace safety is more than just a requirement for many businesses in Australia. For many organisations, it’s also a key element to success.

A safe workplace is a happier and more productive workplace. After all, no one likes to work in any place that could harm their health and well-being.

Although the measures required for ensuring workplace safety will vary between businesses, there are many fundamental things that every business needs to have to keep their employees safe.

Here are five of them:

1. Safety program

A comprehensive safety program is one of the most important things any business must have to ensure workplace safety.

A well-designed safety program will provide details on the different procedures and equipment required to keep your employees safe on the job. It should include what to do in the event of emergencies (e.g. evacuation plans) and how to prevent accidents and minimise risks in the workplace.

Make sure to formalise and document your safety program in writing so that all your employees – current and future – can access it, understand it, and follow it.

Above all, make sure that you implement your safety program. No matter how good your safety program is, it will not keep your employees as safe if your organisation does not apply it.

2. Appropriate training

Training your staff for emergencies and situational risks will help keep your employees safer and create a more secure workplace.

Training provides the opportunity to test your safety program while arming them with the experience to know what to do when an emergency strikes. With appropriate training, your staff can respond to emergencies and workplace risks faster and more effectively. This can greatly reduce the risk of such events if it happens.

Aim to provide training that best applies to your organisation and workplace. This may include scheduling activities like fire extinguisher training and evacuation exercises to orient your staff with emergency procedures.

3. Fire safety equipment

Fires are among the biggest risks for many workplaces in Australia, so having the right fire safety equipment in the workplace is critical.

Essential fire safety equipment include:

  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire hose reels

It’s important to determine exactly what fire safety equipment your organisation needs because each workplace’s requirements will vary.

4. First aid kit

A well-stocked first aid kit can help reduce the effects of an injury or illness in the workplace and provide relief until professional medical assistance arrives.

It’s also often the first line of treatment for minor injuries or ailments in the workplace, making it a requirement for many worksites in Australia.

When organising your site’s first aid kit, make sure you consider the nature of your work, the risks/hazards your employees are exposed to, and the size of your company and building.

5. Safety verifications

Verifying your safety program and procedures is one of the most effective ways to ensure workplace safety.

Third-party evaluation from qualified and accredited regulators will help you make sure that your safety program is suited for your staff’s safety and well-being. It will also identify areas that you may need to change, improve, or update to ensure workplace safety.

You can also train some of your employees to become accredited safety specialists who can evaluate your safety program and make sure it complies with industry regulations and guidelines.

Need more safety training and expert advice?

When it comes to workplace safety, there’s no such thing as being too safe. If your business needs expert advice and recommendations for fire safety and emergency training, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help.

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