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Australian Fire Protection Pty Ltd is a one stop shop specializing in Fire Safety Compliance Services.  

Our experience and professionalism are backed up by our affordable and competitive pricing

We strive to consistently deliver on our promises of supplying our clients with a higher than normal industry standard in training and emergency preparedness.

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Australian Fire Protection is located at 7/57 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220

We can come to you for your convenience  or we now have our own training facility if needed.

Service Area

We service all areas in South East Queensland from Lismore to The Sunshine Coast and as far inland as Toowoomba.

If your area is not included in that guide we would be happy to speak with you and discuss if we can meet your needs.

Mission Statement

To enhance our client experience by our commitment to quality service and collaborative learning

Vision Statement

A safer workplace through emergency preparedness and compliance

Fire Extinguisher / First Response Training $88.00
Fire Warden / Chief Warden Training $82.50
Fire Extinguisher / Fire Warden Combo $121.00
PUAWER008B - Confining Small Workplace Emergencies $205.00
Fire Safety Adviser Course 3 Days (QLD) $850.00
PUAWER005B - Fire Warden Training $185.00
Fire Safety Adviser Refresher Course $310.00
Skill Set (Fire) - PUAWER005B, PUAWER006B & PUAWER008B $185.00
Fire Safety Officer (NSW) $850.00
PUAWER006B - Lead an emergency control organisation $185.00
PUAWER005B and PUAWER008B Combined $355.00
Fire Safety Officer $850.00
SMX-Refresher-Training $60.50
LTS-Refresher-Training $60.50
Australia Brisbane
Australia Adelaide
Australia Brisbane
Australia Broken Hill
Australia Currie
Australia Darwin
Australia Eucla
Australia Hobart
Australia Lindeman
Australia Lord Howe
Australia Melbourne
Australia Perth
Australia Sydney
Fire Safety Adviser Course 3 Days (QLD)
Fire Extinguisher / Fire Warden Combo Fire Extinguisher / First Response Training LTS-Refresher-Training Fire Warden / Chief Warden Training
Fire Safety Adviser Course 3 Days (QLD)

Core Values

Service - Making a difference by going the extra mile in the service we provide.

Excellence - Achieving excellence in every aspect of our profession by constantly learning and growing.

Relationship - We believe in forging meaningful relationships with all stakeholders; the foundation for our long-term success.

Integrity - We do what is right even when no one is watching;

Future - We are embarking on a journey together. We will celebrate our wins, learn from our losses and seize all opportunities that come our way.

Professionalism - Being persistent, constant and earnest to accomplish our goals and jobs undertaken.

We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire Extinguisher Training 

We will provide your employee's with essential first response fire and evacuation procedures, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary life skills and knowledge to deal with small workplace fires promptly and safely. Training includes the use of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets.

Do I Need Fire Extinguisher Training?

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulations requires all staff to be trained in first response procedures every 2 years.  


Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire Warden Training

We will provide key staff with the necessary skills to take on the role of Fire Warden during a workplace emergency. 

Having trained Fire Wardens that operate together skilfully as part of an Emergency Control Organisation will ensure that your building occupants are evacuated to a safe place in a timely manner.

Do I Need Warden Training?

Our fire safety compliance services for warden training provides staff with evacuation coordination training in identifying and responding to different workplace emergencies as detailed in Australian Standards 3745. 

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Chief Warden Training / Evacuation Coordinator

We will Provide key staff with the necessary skills to take on the role of Chief Warden or Evacuation Coordinator.  

The Chief Wardens / Evacuation Coordinators are trained in the responsibilities of taking on this role to ensure the safety of building occupants during an emergency. The training also provides the Chief Warden / Evacuation Coordinator with the skills required to operate and use the Fire Indicator Panel or Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System.

Do I Need A Chief Warden / Evacuation Coordinator?

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires all Evacuation Coordinators to be trained within 30 days of taking on this role and then annually.

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Evacuation Sign & Diagram

We prepare or update Evacuation Diagrams for your building that are clear, concise and up to regulation standards.

Are Your Evacuation Diagrams Compliant?

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires every building to have Evacuation Diagrams displayed in a conspicuous position on the evacuation routes of the building, The Evacuation Diagrams must show the following fire safety reference points i.e. your location in the building, the nearest exit routes, the location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment and the designated assembly area. The Evacuation Diagrams must be securely attached to a wall and orientated to the building layout.

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire and Evacuation Plan

We review or prepare the regulation Fire and Evacuation Plan for your building. The Fire and Evacuation Plan is a comprehensive document detailing the procedures of the business when responding to and managing fire and other emergencies.

Is Your Fire and Evacuation Plan in the specified Form?

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires every building to have a written Fire and Evacuation Plan in place.  The Plan must be in the specified form and be adaptable to other emergencies.

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire Safety Compliance Audit

We conducted a Fire Safety Compliance Audit to assist owner / occupiers in managing their compliance with the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990 and the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

A Comprehensive Fire Safety Audit and Risk Assessment of your building is undertaken taking into account your building evacuation procedures.

Is Your Business Compliant?

Owner / occupiers in Queensland have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in their building in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency.

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire Safety Adviser Service

We provide advice to the occupier that ensures appropriate emergency planning and instructions are carried out at the prescribed times and intervals.

Have you appointed a Fire Safety Adviser?

The QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations requires all High Occupancy buildings to appoint a staff member or external provider to the role of Fire Safety Adviser. 

Fire Safety Compliance Services

Evacuation Exercise

We visit your workplace to supervise and oversee your evacuation exercise / drill to test your emergency response procedures. We will provide the scenario and structure for the exercise, observe the effectiveness of the response and provide constructive feedback in the form of a debrief and a post exercise report.​

Does your workplace run annual evacuation exercises?

 The Building Fire Safety Regulation requires the occupier of a building to conduct an evacuation exercise of the building or workplace annually to test the effectiveness of your building emergency response procedure and continually build awareness for both staff and fire wardens. 

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QCC Club
Great service, they were extremely helpful from start to finish.
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David Shelton
David Shelton
Great service, good pricing. Even getting a mistake we made corrected there was no charge for and the turnaround was fast. Great work.
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Phil Shep
Phil Shep
Lyell Scott (our training) was amazing, our branch did the warden training, first response, fire extinguisher training and emergency procedures including bomb threats. Andrea in the office was great to deal with and always friendly and helpful advise and pricing. We will definitely be using Australian Fire Protection again next year.
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Dulce Lee
Dulce Lee
What an amazing team! I just completed a 3 day FSA course. Patrick and his team are friendly and knowledgeable. The course was well structured and professionally presented. I highly recommended them. Thanks guys
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Office Seaspec
Office Seaspec
Fast reliable and effective training, great value.
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Kirsty Abrahams
Kirsty Abrahams
Pat and the team at Australian Fire Protection are extremely professional and their training is great. I definitely recommend Australian Fire Protection for your fire training and evacuation diagrams.
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Michael Schokman
Michael Schokman
Australian Fire Protection team are really great,they are the best.The team bent backwards to get my training done on short notice.Pat the trainer was good and easy to get along with.Pat also taught me some things l did not know.Cheers to the team at Austraian Fire Protection and thank you very much. Richard
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You guys are doing great today
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Karen Wibberley
Karen Wibberley
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