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New changes for Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) in NSW?

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From 1 November 2021 the NSW Government will require all Short-Term Rental Accommodation to comply with new Fire Safety Standards.

This means that any accommodation in NSW being leased out for Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) (Stayz, Air B&B) will need to fulfil the following requirements in order to continue to operate:

1. Install either main powered smoke alarms or long-life sealed battery powered alarms in:

a. Dwelling floor levels containing bedrooms, every corridor or hallway associated with a bedroom, or if there is no corridor or hallway, in an area between the bedrooms and the remainder of the building; and

b. Each other story not containing bedrooms

2. Smoke alarms must comply with AS 3786.

3. Smoke alarms must be interconnected where there is more than one alarm.

4. Make an evacuation plan, displaying “evacuation signage” and familiarising guests with an exit system, including the national emergency service number (000) and advise guests to download the “emergency+” app.

Dwellings in multi-unit buildings only (Dwellings in Class 2 and Class 4 buildings)

1. Entry doors should be openable from inside the dwelling without a key.
2. Installation of fire extinguisher and fire blanket inside a kitchen.

Stand Alone Dwellings only (Class 1a buildings)

1. Installation of heat alarms in garages located beneath dwellings located above. This will be required when the garage is not accessible to the guest/s.

Many of these upgrades can be coordinated with your nominated electrician, or fire services contractor but make sure that they complete these tasks to appropriate standards and keep a record of what has been completed for your dwelling.

Achieve compliance today, speak  to an AFP team member on 1300 80 FIRE to set up a fire audit and get your evacuation plan created.  For more information visit NSW fire safety standards for short-term rental accommodation STRA (

Check out our fire safety advisor course and  Evacuation diagram 

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