Code Black Training - Health Care Industry

Threat Preparedness for staff responding to Code Black incidents?

Why Train With Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection has been preparing people for emergencies for over thirty years. In fact we cover a broad spectrum of businesses from shopping centres to aged-care facilities, schools, factories, hospitals, retail outlets, child care centres, budget accommodation and more.

  • Our training is both engaging and instructive
  • Our professionalism and experience is backed up by competitive and affordable pricing.

Code Black training is designed to equip staff with the knowledge needed in threat preparedness when responding to Code Black incidents in the health care industry.

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Code Black Incident ?

We will train your staff or building occupants with the required skills to assess the type and severity of threat and how to respond appropriately. Studies conducted in Australia and overseas and have demonstrated that healthcare workers are at increasing risk of experiencing or being confronted by aggressive behaviour in the workplace. These incidents have become increasingly costly to healthcare facilities in terms of the impact upon the physical and emotional well-being of staff in addition to lost time and associated costs.

Australian Fire Protection Code Black Preparedness training is customise to suite your organisation. Code Black threats present danger to the physical and psychological well-being of occupants in the building.  Threat Preparedness provides staff with the necessary skills on how to respond and act quickly during such incidents and is essential to protecting lives and preventing injury.

Training Summary - what you need to know 

  • Frequency:
  • Training Covers:
  • Class Size:
  • Course Duration:
  • Location:

As determined by your organisation or your Emergency Planning Committee

Responding to Code Black threats and patient violence , recognising situations before it happens, staff role during a Code black, responding to aggressive behaviour, lock-down procedures,  debrief and reporting 

Up to 25 participants per class

1 - 2 hours

Your premises OR our classroom facility at our venue.  Call for classroom session dates

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