Evacuation Sign and Diagram

Evacuation Diagram

Affordable, Clear & Professional Evacuation Signs and Diagrams

Why choose Australian Fire Protection for Evacuation Signs and Diagrams?

Australian Fire Protection has been providing evacuation diagrams and signs for schools, factories, hospitals, retail shops, aged-care and child care facilities. In fact, over the past years we have designed thousands of diagrams for a number of business across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW.

Our Evacuation Diagrams and signs are skillfully designed, accurate and easy to read.  We do a site visit to make sure your plan detail is 100% correct and take pride in the quality of our work and most importantly our prices are very competitive.

Evacuation Diagrams Summary

  • Regulations:

Evacuation Diagrams and signs are required in all workplaces under Australian Standard 3745. In QLD, the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires Evacuation Diagrams for all Class 2 to 9 buildings over 300m2.

  • Markup Process:

Your Evacuation Diagrams and signs are marked-up on-site to ensure accuracy and to determine the best diagram positioning and Assembly Areas. The Evacuation Diagrams are emailed for pre-approval prior to production.

  • Review Frequency:

Evacuation Diagrams and signs must be reviewed annually and updated anytime changes are made to the building or when a fire safety reference points are changed.

  • Design   Time:

Evacuation Diagrams and signs are designed using CAD software. A typical turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the difficulty and urgency. We use previous diagrams & building plans to aid the mark up process where possible. For extremely urgent jobs, contact us and we will discuss working to your construction or compliance deadline.

  • Included finish:

The Evacuation Diagrams and signs are produced in colour on A3 or A4. The diagrams as a standard are laminated using 150gsm paper and 160 micron laminate. A digital PDF master file is provided also for your records.

  • Other finishes:

The Evacuation Diagrams and signs are also available in other finishes such as crystalites, acrylic, brushed metal or aluminium snap frames if required. 

evacuation diagram
people working on fire and evacuation plan
fire evacuation sample

What is shown in the Evacuation Diagram?

  • The place that corresponds to the location in the building where the sign is displayed
  • The main and alternate route to the nearest exits
  • Each exit of the building
  • Any intercommunication points
  • The location of manually operated alarms
  • Emergency equipment such as defibrillators, eye wash stations, emergency showers and spill kits
  • The location of any fire fighting equipment
  • The designated assembly area
  • The route from each exit to the assembly area
  • Your business logo if required

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