Fire Safety Training Services

Are your staff trained and ready in case of a fire emergency?

Australian Fire Protection has been providing quality fire training to both corporate and small businesses for over thirty years.

We offer several of training options (online, on-site, and in-house) to suit your company's needs and preferences.

Our efficient and experienced trainers are here to help ensure you have all the training and equipment you need to prepare for emergencies.

Browse through our range of training courses below to find the right training for your company.

Fire Training Courses

Fire Extinguisher Training

Chief Warden Training

Fire Warden Training

Evacuation Practice

In-House Training

Fire Safety Adviser Course

E-Train (Online Training)

General Occupancy Training

Health & Safety Training Courses 

Spill Control and Spill Kit Training 

Code Black Training 

person using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire
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