Role: Trainer

History: Doug's career in Fire and Emergency Management started as an operational firefighter on the Gold Coast in 1983.

30 years ago he moved from operational duties, and took a non-operational role within the Fire Service, where he worked with building management and occupiers, instructing them in the art of preparing for, and managing emergencies in their specific workplaces.

 During his time as a Fire Officer, he also enjoyed many years in the Community Safety Dept, where he daily worked to ensure the safety of building occupiers, through building inspections, and education of the public in all aspects of fire safety.

Australian Fire Protection:2020 – Present Doug has a passion for teaching people how to function well in stressful situations by preparing people for emergencies. Doug provides our clients with a variety of services; evacuation diagram mark-ups, First Response training, Evacuation Coordination and Warden training, Spill Kit training, Evacuation Coordination training, and General Occupancy training.

Doug Trainer

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