Spill Control and Spill Kit Training

Do your staff know how to effectively deal with chemical spills?

Why Train With Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection has been providing Spill Kit Training to both corporate and small businesses for over thirty years. In fact we cover a broad spectrum of businesses from shopping centres to aged-care facilities, schools, factories, hospitals, retail outlets, child care centres, budget accommodation and more.

  • Our training is both engaging and instructive.
  • Our professionalism and experience is backed up by competitive and affordable pricing.

This course prepares staff in chemical handling and spill response training. Staff are trained in using spill control equipment to contain general and chemical spills safely. Their prompt actions will contain and clean up spills with the minimum environmental consequences.

large spill kit

Do I need Spill Kit Training?

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires businesses to take reasonable steps or due diligence to prevent and prepare for workplace oil spills. This means an understanding about oil and chemical spills, the risks involved and having staff properly trained in spill response procedures.

Training Summary - what you need to know

Frequency:                                 Every 1 year

Training Covers:

  • Protecting the environment
  • The role of the EPA
  • Consequences of a spill
  • Identifying and using spill control equipment
  • The different spill kits
  • Responding to spills
  • Reporting spill incident

Class Size:                                   Up to 15 participants per class

Course Duration:                     1 hr

Location:                                     Your premises in New South Wales

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