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One of the most significant hazards in workplaces is fire, but there are measures to be taken so workplaces can be well-prepared for an emergency. Having a trained Fire Warden present in your facility can mean that the team have a coordinated approach when an unforeseen hazard breaks out. Primarily, the Fire Warden will assume responsibilities under the direction of the Chief Warden in assisting the direction of occupants on site in managing the facility evacuation procedures in an emergency.

Fire Wardens are part of the Facility/workplace Emergency Control Organisation and will be responsible to implement the emergency response procedures for their floor or area.  Additional responsibilities may include notifying the appropriate Emergency Service, checking the floor or area for any abnormal situation and commencing evacuation if the circumstances warrant it. A Fire Warden will need to also demonstrate good leadership skills and decision making as well as be able to follow directions from the Chief Warden.

Having an adequately trained Fire Warden as part of the workforce allows the facility to further plan for emergencies including responding appropriately to fire and other workplace incidents. Fire Wardens will be familiar with the layout of their work areas, in terms of emergency exits, where the extinguishers are, and where assembly areas are located.

Contrary to the title, Fire Wardens are not limited to reducing the risk of fires but having training in dealing with other emergencies as well. Australian Fire Protection’s Fire Warden Training will provide your facility/workplace with an individual who’s well-equipped to identify and handle several workplace emergencies.

Australian Fire Protection has been in the business for more than 30 years now and has provided fire safety training for numerous Organisations. Give the occupants at your facility peace of mind to know that your fire Wardens have developed skills that will assist them in an emergency.

Our service experience has allowed us to evolve our programs into efficient lessons that are applicable in any setting. We take pride in providing the highest standards in the industry and will continue to become recognised as one of Australia’s most reputable fire training entities. Have your Fire Warden upgrade their skills with us or have us train someone new. Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote or to sign up for your fire warden training online.

Our Iron-Clad Guarantee assures that if you’re not satisfied with our chief fire warden training, we’ll provide a course retake with a new trainer, free of charge.

Call us today for more information and ask about our online fire training programs.

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