Lithium Fire Safety Awareness
Are you prepared for fire risk of lithium-ion batteries?

Why Train With Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection has been preparing people for emergencies for over thirty years.  With the recent spate of Lithium-Ion fires in homes and industries, we have introduced a course specifically for Lithium-Ion fires

Our new Lithium-Ion Fire Safety Awareness course is designed to raise occupant's awareness when responding to a lithium-ion battery fire incident in the workplace.

Contact us today to book your Lithium Fire Safety Awareness course, and give your team the knowledge and skills to respond safely in the event of lithium-ion battery fires.

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Lithium-Ion Fire Incident?
Structure fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, powerpacks or chargers have nearly doubled in the past five years as products like e-Rideables or light electric vehicles (LEV) have become more popular in Australia. LEVs contain lithium-ion batteries and come with associated risks and hazards (including fire and explosion, plus radiation, heat, chemical and electrical hazards).

When a lithium-ion device is overcharged, faulty or poorly manufactured, the batteries can potentially overheat and start a fire that has the potential to destroy an entire facility in just minutes. Lithium-ion batteries can explode when damaged, crushed or when exposed to high ambient temperatures. When lithium-ion batteries fail they can release toxic, corrosive and explosive gases, and an intense, self-sustaining fire that can prove very difficult to extinguish.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are used in an ever-increasing variety of products such as:

    • Power tools
    • Mobile phones
    • Laptops & tablets
    • e-Rideables/LEV 's e.g., electric scooters, electric skateboards, hoverboards etc
    • Electric vehicles (EV's) or Hybrid vehicles
    • Forklifts

    • e-Cigarettes

If the batteries are intact and contained, it is generally very safe. However, when damaged, crushed or when they overheat, lithium ion batteries can pose a threat to occupants in facilities as the chemicals inside the battery are highly flammable which results in a very rapid fire.

This is why we think it's important for all businesses, particularly those that use or store lithium-ion batteries in the workplace, to make sure their team has a good understanding of how to respond quickly and safely if these batteries catch fire.

Does Your Team Need Lithium Fire Safety Training?
Our Lithium-Ion Fire Safety Awareness course is specifically designed to raise the awareness of occupants in response to a fire incident from lithium-ion batteries. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about how we can help to ensure your team is properly trained and prepared for any potential lithium-ion battery fires.

Training Summary - what you need to know.
The training covered in our Lithium-Ion Fire Safety Awareness course ensures occupants are aware of the dangers when responding to fires involving lithium-ion batteries. This course is important as it explains how to deal with these situations using appropriate extinguishing agents as traditional firefighting agents have minimal effect on lithium-ion battery fires.

  • Frequency: 

Annually or as determined by your organisation or your Emergency Planning Committee.

  • What's Covered in the Course:

Fire Safety Awareness when responding to a Lithium-Ion fire Incident. 

  • Class Size

Up to 25 Participant per class

  • Course Duration:


  • Location:   

Your premises OR our classroom facility at our venue.  Call for classroom session times

lithium-ion battery fire on phone

lithium ion powertool battery fire

Course Outline - Topics Your Team Will Learn

The course covers a range of topics relating to lithium-ion battery fires and safety awareness. When you participate in a Lithium Fire Safety Awareness course from Australian Fire Protection, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Understanding Lithium-ion batteries fires
  • Type of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Fire classes
  • Understanding thermal runaway
  • Fire extinguishers suitable for lithium-ion fires
  • Risk and hazards when dealing with batteries fires.
  • Smoke/gases discharged by a Lithium-Ion fire.
  • Do's and don'ts of lithium fire safety

Other Training We Provide

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We service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads.

Australian Fire Protection provides this Lithium Fire Safety Awareness course to businesses and organisations across the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Tweed Heads regions.

Outside our service area?

We have no limitations on where we can travel to. From Brisbane to NSW, Victoria, Northern Territory and Darwin, we'll bring our course to you, providing education to your team.

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We offer the highest industry standard training and guarantee that you will walk away trained effectively and satisfied with the knowledge of how to deal with lithium battery fires.

If you are not completely satisfied, we offer to send a new trainer out, completely free of charge to redo the course. We also provide the option of a refund (less the administration fee), if requested within 90 days of course completion.

We wouldn't offer this guarantee if we didn't believe we are great at what we do!

Book Your Lithium Ion Battery Fire Safety Course With Us

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Common sense approach

I have been working in shopping centres for the past 13 years and this was the best fire training I have ever received. It was extremely practical and wonderful to have a common sense approach to dealing with evacuations and fire procedures..

Simeon Centre Manager of Q Super Centre

Engaging Training

Patrick from Australian Fire Protection gave our staff an informative practical session on fire safety keeping them engaged from start to finish. Would recommend them in the future.

Andrew JM Paddleboards

Outstanding Service

I decided to use Austfirepro because of their detailed and prompt response to my initial query. This outstanding service initially carried through to their service delivery. I dealt mainly with Tracey, who was outstanding. Every query was answered, not only on time but with a lot of detail (this extends to everyone else I dealt with while Tracey was on leave). Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone.

Private Source, Brisbane

Broad Understanding of Legislation

I have many years experience in the fire and life safety industry and highly recommend your company and utilise your specialist services exclusively. I do this because we share a broad understanding of the codes, standards and legislation, plus the end result is always easily achieved.

Fixture Fire Services

Great Service

Australian Fire Protection have been amazing, great service and very polite and knowledgeable staff. We highly recommend them. They were great with our fire training and were very informative.We highly recommend them for all fire exit plans, as these were clear and easy to read. Thank you for your support to keeping our service safe! - Tiny Tots

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