Case Study – Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters

As the Fire Safety Adviser for Q Super Centre, we met initially with Centre Management to discuss and understand their needs.

AFP team members Patrick, Lesley and Ian than tailored a training solution that suited Q Super Centre requirements in accordance to the Australian Standards.

Australian Fire Protection supplied different training packages to suite the fire wardens of Q Super Centre as well as the centre's tenants.

As each tenancy has it's own serviceable hours Australian Fire Protection prepared a suitable evacuation practice and fire training session to avoid the disruption of trade.

Each tenant was pleased with the training and evacuation practise as the sessions equipped each representative with the appropriate knowledge and confidence required in case of a fire emergency.

A Fire Safety Audit of the shopping centre was conducted to ensure any pressing issues could be attended to and the safety of customers, tenants and centre staff has been prioritised if any form of fire emergency would ever occur.

As fire safety advisers, Australian Fire Protection do what they can to ensure their clients are satisfied with the services they provide.

testimonial from simeon from Q Super Centre
Fire safety Adviser training

Combustible Cladding and the Construction Industry

"Industry bodies have said construction across Australia could come to a halt because building surveyors will not be able to secure compliant professional indemnity insurance from next month.

State and territory governments are working with stakeholders to find a solution, but lawyers warn some options could have consequences for consumers." Connie Agius, PM- ABC Radio

2 years on from England's Grenfell Tower disaster of June 2017, the building and construction industries in Australia face a potential standstill in the wake of the health and safety risks that come with the use of non-compliant cladding.

Earlier this year Melbourne saw a fire destroy six floors of the Neo200 building in the CBD. Fortunately, the accident saw only one person hospitalised with smoke inhalation as opposed to the threat of many more.

Since the accident, the investigation has  lead experts to believe  that the blaze was started by a 'disregarded cigarette' that ignited non-compliant cladding by the balcony. Smoke detection and alarm systems were found to be non-compliant to building standards due to disregard for maintenance. 

With fourteen damaged apartments and six to twelve month of work to be completed, the residents are left to find their own emergency accommodation with a payout of $2500 fore each resident.

“A Federal Senate inquiry into non-compliant building products recommended a ban on the importation, sale and use of polyethylene (PE) core aluminium composite panels (ACPs) “as a matter of urgency.”” Editorial Desk AAU, 2019

To learn more about fire safety in regulation with the Australian standards you can head here.

Lightwave Yachts ‘Real Life Fire’ Experience

By Kirsty Abrahams 13th March 2019

women holding a coffee maker
Iris Hall (Australian Fire Protection)
presenting Louise Overell (Lightwave Yachts)
Lightwave Yacht’s Christmas campaign winnings. (Dec 2018)

Australian Fire Protection
pride themselves on their outstanding fire training and fire safety compliance solutions. In November 2018 Australian Fire Protection applied their first response fire training to Gold Coast marine specialists Lightwave Yachts entering them into Australian Fire Protection‘s Christmas campaign.

“Two weeks after the training session with Australian Fire Protection, we
had a real life fire episode.” Louise Overell, Lightwave Yachts.

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