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How to Identify Fire Hazards in Your Workplace

Fire is one of the biggest hazards in most workplaces and job sites.  But because every workplace is different, you need to identify the specific hazards in your premises if you want to ensure fire safety for your staff and employees.  To do this effectively, here’s what you should do:  Identify possible sources of heat.  Anything that could possibly produce fire or heat can be a fire hazard in a workplace.

5 Things Every Business Needs to Have to Ensure Workplace Safety

Ensuring workplace safety is more than just a requirement for many businesses in Australia. For many organisations, it’s also a key element to success. A safe workplace is a happier and more productive workplace. After all, no one likes to work in any place that could harm their health and well-being. Although the measures required

Servicing Popular Fire Safety Equipment in Homes or Small Businesses

Fire extinguishers may last for several years, but they don’t last forever. They also tend to become less effective over time. Like other fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers need to be replaced after a certain period of time, even if you’ve never used them. (Fire extinguisher manufacturers often recommend replacing them every 5-15 years, depending

General Information on Smoke and Fire Alarms

Like fire extinguishers, many people assume that smoke and fire alarms last forever and don’t need maintenance or replacement once they’re installed. But, in fact, you need to check and maintain these alarms regularly. Aside from replacing their batteries or power sources once they’ve run out, you’ll also need to test them regularly to make

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