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Unwanted Alarms – Building Class 2 or 3 Buildings

By Tracey Wallace You have a Fire Indicator Panel on site, the alarm has sounded, and you go to investigate.  Your Fire Indicator panel is connected directly to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and now they are on their way to your site.  In a matter of minutes, you need to identify the cause to

Family Escape Plan – Practice to be Prepared

Picture this – it’s Wednesday night, 2am and everyone is sound asleep. The children, aged 2 and 5, are downstairs in their bedrooms and the family dog is in the kennel outside. Suddenly, out of nowhere, like a grand strike of lightening filling the night sky, the calm serenity of the night is fractured. You

Make Your Kids Fire Smart

As every parent and education worker knows children’s curiosity can lead them to some troubling situations.  Statistical information gathered from the Parliamentary legal and Constitutional Affairs Fire Safety report advises that “it is difficult to locate information about fire related incidents in Australian States and territories, and even more challenging to find statistics that can be

Case Study – Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters

As the Fire Safety Adviser for Q Super Centre, we met initially with Centre Management to discuss and understand their needs. AFP team members Patrick, Lesley and Ian than tailored a training solution that suited Q Super Centre requirements in accordance to the Australian Standards. Australian Fire Protection supplied different training packages to suite the fire wardens

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