Fire Safety in Shopping Malls

Ensure the safety of all your visitors and tenants by ensuring that your shopping centre complies with the industry’s fire safety standards. Shopping malls are most often loaded with people, which is why it’s most important to keep a strict adherence to safety guidelines when it comes to fire protection.
From numerous retailers in close proximity with each other to restaurants with open flames and kilometres of electrical wiring, shopping centres are candidates for major fire hazards. This is why we, at Australian Fire Protection, have made it a point to extend our fire protection services to commercial and retail properties, including shopping malls.

Fire Safety Hazards in Shopping Malls

According to case studies by the ABCB, the majority of fires in shopping malls have been caused by faulty electrical systems. And most often, the case with these are PVC-covered wiring and electrical devices hidden within ceiling spaces, display cases, and shop facades. Another observation was that the majority of fires which grew in significant scale were the ones hidden from mall-goers and occupants. According to the same summary of findings, factors that could lead to rapid spread of fire are combustible ceiling tiles.
Depending on the tenants present, there can also be a significant accumulation of highly combustible materials within the premises. These can include chemical-based cleaners, paper products, electrical batteries, portable camping fuel, and wooden furniture, among others. 

Fire Safety Measures in Shopping Malls

With all the possible fire hazards present in shopping malls, there’s a long checklist of preventive measures, including safety installations and best-practices that mitigate the spread of fire, loss of property, and injury or death. With proper fire protection systems and preparation in place, personnel can quickly react to fires, fires can be extinguished quickly, damages can be minimised, fatalities can be avoided, and compliance is met with Australian laws and regulations.

How We Can Help

With more than 30 years in the service, we are well equipped to provide safety inspections onsite and train key personnel in advanced fire protection and mitigation practices.

Fire Safety Courses

For more information please refer to the ABCB and .QBCC websites.

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"Earlier this year Melbourne saw a fire destroy six floors of the Neo200 building in the CBD."

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