PlanSafe Online Fire Training

Need an online safety induction and emergency management platform?

Why PlanSafe Training?

PlanSafe is Australian Fire Protection's (AFP) new online safety induction and emergency management platform. This state-of-the-art system provides safety information and training for building owners, employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and wardens. 

PlanSafe enables your organisation to protect your brand by achieving compliance with current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, Building Fire Safety Regulations, and Australian Standards 3745-2010 / 4083-2010.

If you are looking for personalised, interactive, user-friendly, and visually appealing emergency management software, enquire about AFP PlanSafe today.

What is PlanSafe?

PlanSafe provides users with an online Fire & Evacuation Plan(FEP), plus employee training and reporting features that allow records to be maintained and produced, in keeping with your building occupier's safety compliance obligation.

With PlanSafe, you can store all your compliance documentation in one safe and secure spot. We can help you embed PlanSafe into your operational procedures so that it becomes part of the culture of your organisation, creating an atmosphere of safety and preparedness within your company.

Essentially, AFP PlanSafe makes available everything you need in one place, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to get on with the task of running your business.

Online Fire Training
plansafe online fire training

How PlanSafe Works?

AFP will establish your own secure online PlanSafe environment that is just for your group of buildings. Our Fire Safety Advisers will review your current emergency procedures and policies, and, with your assistance, develop your own, unique site-specific Emergency Management Plan that is tailored to one or more of your facilities.

Your Evacuation Diagrams will be re-mastered by our CAD designers to reflect any recent changes to AS3745. These plans will then be incorporated into your PlanSafe Emergency Management Plan and Online Training platform to create your building's interactive floor plans. These plans illustrate the evacuation routes from any location of the facility, as clicking anywhere on the interactive map will show the evacuation paths from that location. Your interactive plans can also be upgraded into Evacuation diagrams for use in your facility if necessary.

PlanSafe Hosting & Information Security

To ensure peace of mind, your training platform is hosted by Locatrix on an Azure ISO 27001 & Soc 2 certified environment. These are the two leading InfoSec assurance standards, and are used to appropriately manage your information security.

Why Choose PlanSafe?

Comprehensive Online Safety Induction

PlanSafe offers a holistic online safety induction and emergency management platform, ensuring your staff and visitors are well-informed about fire safety and evacuation procedures. This all-encompassing online fire training integrates seamlessly with your current workplace health standards and building fire safety regulations.

Achieve Essential Compliance

With PlanSafe, your organisation will consistently meet the stringent requirements of safety legislation, Building Fire Safety Regulations, and Australian Standards 3745-2010 / 4083-2010. Our emergency management software not only helps you align with these standards but also fortifies your commitment to the well-being of all stakeholders.

Centralised Documentation Management

PlanSafe serves as a secure online repository where you can store all your compliance documentation. This convenience ensures you have a one-stop, secure online PlanSafe environment for all safety-related documents, promoting increased risk management and situational awareness.

Tailored Emergency Management Plans

Our team works closely with you to curate an emergency management plan specific to your facilities. By understanding your unique operational procedures and needs, PlanSafe becomes an integrated part of your organisation's culture, emphasising a focus on safety and preparedness.

Enhanced Employee Training Features

PlanSafe doesn’t just provide a platform; it offers dynamic employee training features. These tools allow for meticulous recording and maintenance of training records, ensuring every individual is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to navigate emergencies.

Interactive and User-Friendly Interface

PlanSafe's emergency management platform boasts an interactive floor plan feature. This aids in situational awareness, illustrating clear evacuation routes from any spot within the facility. Coupled with our commitment to updating these plans in line with the latest AS3745 changes, you’re assured of a user-friendly system that prioritises safety and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there's an update to the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation or Building Fire Safety Regulations?

PlanSafe is regularly updated to stay in compliance with all current legislation and regulations. Clients will be notified of any significant changes and any necessary adjustments will be made seamlessly.

Is there a limit to the number of users or buildings that can be added to the PlanSafe platform?

PlanSafe is designed to be scalable and can accommodate organisations of various sizes, from single buildings to multiple facilities. For specific user or building limits, please contact our sales team.

What kind of customer support is available if we encounter issues or have questions?

Our dedicated customer support team is available via phone, email, and chat. We strive to address all queries promptly and efficiently.

Interested In Knowing More?

At AFP, our team of professionals will guide you in your journey to achieving a compliant workplace. We believe that Preparing People For Emergencies is an essential step in promoting a great safety culture for your workplace.

For a live PlanSafe online training demonstration, please call AFP on 1800 112 574 or click the Contact Us button for more information.

The Benefits of using PlanSafe Fire Training

  • Induction - Site-specific Induction
  • Emergency Co-ordination - Site-specific Emergency Coordination and Organisation instruction
  • WHS Procedures - Content for WHS procedures
  • Interactive Floor plans included in your online platform
  • Training Videos - Present-day fire safety equipment training videos
  • Unlimited Use - Unlimited PlanSafe users
  • Legislative Updates - All legislative updates to the program
  • Hosted by Locatrix on Azure ISO 27001 and
    Soc 2 certified environment
  • Records – Training records, Evacuation Practices, EPC Meetings, review records , audit records
  • Automatic reminders to users, visitors when their training come due again
  • Fire & Evacuation Plan (FEP) - Emergency management plan, approvals records
  • Hosting - Cloud hosting of the Safety Management system
  • 24/7 access by staff and contractors to training and induction requirements
  • WH&S content available on request

Common sense approach

I have been working in shopping centres for the past 13 years and this was the best fire training I have ever received. It was extremely practical and wonderful to have a common sense approach to dealing with evacuations and fire procedures..

Simeon Centre Manager of Q Super Centre

Engaging Training

Patrick from Australian Fire Protection gave our staff an informative practical session on fire safety keeping them engaged from start to finish. Would recommend them in the future.

Andrew JM Paddleboards

Outstanding Service

I decided to use Austfirepro because of their detailed and prompt response to my initial query. This outstanding service initially carried through to their service delivery. I dealt mainly with Tracey, who was outstanding. Every query was answered, not only on time but with a lot of detail (this extends to everyone else I dealt with while Tracey was on leave). Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone.

Private Source, Brisbane

Broad Understanding of Legislation

I have many years experience in the fire and life safety industry and highly recommend your company and utilise your specialist services exclusively. I do this because we share a broad understanding of the codes, standards and legislation, plus the end result is always easily achieved.

Fixture Fire Services

Great Service

Australian Fire Protection have been amazing, great service and very polite and knowledgeable staff. We highly recommend them. They were great with our fire training and were very informative.We highly recommend them for all fire exit plans, as these were clear and easy to read. Thank you for your support to keeping our service safe! - Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots Early Learning Centre
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