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Do you need a Fire Safety Adviser appointed for your building? 

Fire Safety Adviser Training ensures you and your workplace are prepared with the expertise and practical skills required to step into the role of a fire safety adviser. Fire safety adviser training, which is based on the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 (QLD BFSR 2008), is critical to preparing for potential facility emergencies. Typically fire safety adviser training will include topics such as fire prevention (including checking fire safety installations equipment), discussing your emergency planning process, evacuation procedures, and ensuring your workplace complies with current regulations.

Emergency preparedness can help to provide peace of mind to business owners and employees alike. From training in preventing small emergencies to practical experience with fire extinguishers, if you are looking for a partner in protection, Australian Fire Protection is here to help. Put simply, we are good at what we do. We take building fire safety seriously and we are result-driven, aiming to provide you with the information and skills you need to handle emergencies that could arise in your space.

We are one of the few companies that still offer training with a fire extinguisher on a live flame, showing our commitment to Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation and ensuring our fire safety adviser training is state-of-the-art.

Why Choose Australian Fire Protection to be your Fire Safety Adviser?

Australian Fire Protection (AFP) is an appointed Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) for many businesses, franchise structures, and body corporate from high-rise buildings, Schools, Factories, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centres, and Turf Clubs.

For businesses that don't have the time and don't want the hassle of employing their own FSA staff, we assume the role of Fire Safety Adviser for your business on an annual basis. This provides peace of mind in knowing that everything is done professionally and most importantly frees you to get one with the more important thing of running your business.

When do I need a Fire Safety Adviser?

A Fire Safety Adviser is required for all High Occupancy buildings. A high Occupancy building is one where:-

  • 30 or more employees are employed or are likely to be employed for a total of any 40 days during the year
  • Class 2 or 3 buildings more than 25m in effective height
  • Class 6 or 9b buildings that the commissioner has decided is an at-risk licensed building

On top of the above requirements, any facility or workplace that regularly hosts large numbers of visitors or conducts extensive operations might also need to consider appointing a fire safety adviser to ensure comprehensive fire safety and emergency planning. This proactive measure helps to streamline facility emergency procedures and enhances the overall safety of the premises, ensuring visitors and on-site staff alike feel safe and prepared.

A fire safety adviser can ensure that your workplace upholds building fire safety regulations and has appropriate facility emergency prevention procedures in place to ensure the safety of visitors to the business. This includes having accessible facility emergency procedures information such as adequate evacuation diagrams displayed in your workplace. A fire safety adviser can also help to identify any other facility emergency prevention procedures that may require signage in your workplace.

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Fire Safety Adviser Appointment Summary

  • Ensure the development of the Fire and Evacuation Plan (FEP) to the specified format
  • Review of FEP & Evacuation Sign and Diagram annually
  • Ensure the correct development of the Evacuation Sign and Diagram
  • Monitoring the building's prescribed fire safety installation maintenance schedule
  • Review building fire safety installation maintenance records and advise of any discrepancies
  • Coordinating the establishment of the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Provide general evacuation instruction, and first response evacuation instruction at the prescribed intervals
  • Provide evacuation coordination instruction at the prescribed intervals
  • Coordinating annual evacuation practices
  • Participate in annual Emergency Planning Committee meetings
  • 1 full onsite audit annually utilising the Fire safety management tool provided by QFES
  • 1 x 6 monthly onsite record-keeping desktop audit

To further enhance your building's fire safety measures, AFP also offers advanced training and workshops that cover a range of topics including potential facility emergency situations, use of fire safety installations equipment, and detailed emergency planning process tutorials. These sessions are designed to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies efficiently.

A comprehensive Fire Safety Audit and Risk Assessment of your building is undertaken at the beginning of each yearly appointment and a report provided detailing any areas requiring attention. A 6 month on site record checking review is also included mid term of each appointment.

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The Benefits of appointing a Fire Safety Adviser

  • Provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate emergency planning has taken place
  • Provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate instructions are carried out at the prescribed times and intervals
  • Being available to key staff by phone or email to advise on any issues in regard to your building fire and safety
  • Attend the site at least twice per year to undertake a compliance audit and provide you with a report highlighting any issues
  • Whilst on site we are also able to assist with a meeting of your building Emergency Planning Committee if required (recommended annually)
  • Peace of Mind knowing that you are in good hands

Having a professional fire safety adviser as your partner in building safety also covers you on the legal front. Enhanced compliance with the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 means a reduced likelihood of legal issues stemming from non-compliance. Your business will benefit from AFP's extensive experience in managing emergency control organisation requirements and our ability to provide tailored advice on facility emergency prevention procedures.


Would you like a custom training package for your organisation? We can do that.

Explore our comprehensive fire safety adviser training programs designed for teams wanting in-depth knowledge and practical skills in fire safety management. Our group training sessions are perfect for businesses seeking to boost their staff's emergency readiness and receive the ultimate peace of mind.

A critical component of our fire safety adviser training involves in-depth discussions and practical applications surrounding facility emergency prevention procedures and facility emergency procedures. Our courses are carefully designed to ensure that participants not only understand the theory of what we are teaching but can also effectively implement and monitor these procedures to maintain compliance with building fire safety regulations.


Need a custom training package for your organisation? Speak to one of our Fire Safety Advisers on 1300 80 3473 for a customised solution to meet your needs.


With over 30 years in the industry we use our decades-long experience to provide training courses that are simple, practical, and cost-effective


Australian Fire Protection now offers a 100% Iron Clad Guarantee for ALL training. We offer the highest industry standard training and guarantee that you will walk away trained effectively and satisfied.

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If you are ready to book your Fire Safety Advisor training, whether on-site or at our training facility, we are here to help. Our friendly staff are happy to talk you through the enrolment process ensuring that you have all the information you need. We offer group bookings for large businesses to train multiple staff members on how to respond to facility emergencies.

We go above and beyond the legally required "checking the boxes" method, and instead work with businesses to ensure procedures, systems, and processes, as well as staff skills and knowledge are up to date and provide ultimate peace of mind for employers and employees alike. Get in touch today, and let's take the first step towards preventing facility emergencies in your workplace.

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Common sense approach

I have been working in shopping centres for the past 13 years and this was the best fire training I have ever received. It was extremely practical and wonderful to have a common sense approach to dealing with evacuations and fire procedures..

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Engaging Training

Patrick from Australian Fire Protection gave our staff an informative practical session on fire safety keeping them engaged from start to finish. Would recommend them in the future.

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Outstanding Service

I decided to use Austfirepro because of their detailed and prompt response to my initial query. This outstanding service initially carried through to their service delivery. I dealt mainly with Tracey, who was outstanding. Every query was answered, not only on time but with a lot of detail (this extends to everyone else I dealt with while Tracey was on leave). Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone.

Private Source, Brisbane

Broad Understanding of Legislation

I have many years experience in the fire and life safety industry and highly recommend your company and utilise your specialist services exclusively. I do this because we share a broad understanding of the codes, standards and legislation, plus the end result is always easily achieved.

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Great Service

Australian Fire Protection have been amazing, great service and very polite and knowledgeable staff. We highly recommend them. They were great with our fire training and were very informative.We highly recommend them for all fire exit plans, as these were clear and easy to read. Thank you for your support to keeping our service safe! - Tiny Tots

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