Fire Safety and Evacuation Training

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Next to slips and falls, fire and explosions are the second most frequently occurring hazards in the workplace. While fires can be one of the most distressing threats that can occur, there are practices and safeguards that can minimise its risk and impact.

Australian Standard 3745-2010

This safety measure is in place to provide facility-specific summaries and practical guidelines to assist workplaces in their compliance with WHS Act (2011). The program’s goal is to ensure the safety of everyone within the building during an emergency. It includes preparations for any type of scenario that can affect the workplace. The guidelines include:

  • Developing an Emergency Plan
  • Identification of Emergencies
  • Developing Emergency Response Procedures
  • Testing and Validating Emergency Response Procedures
  • Forming Planning Committees
  • Establishing Emergency Control Organisations

Having your workplace meet the obligations of AS 3745:2010 is something not to be taken lightly. It can mean life or death in the event of an emergency.


Australian Fire Protection’s PlanSafe program is an online safety induction and emergency management platform. This cutting-edge program will provide safety information and training for building owners, employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and safety wardens.

By adapting PlanSafe, your organisation will be compliant with current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, Building Fire Safety Regulations, and Australian Standards 3745:2010.

PlanSafe will let your organisation complete your emergency management and fire safety course online. Watch the video below to learn more about our online safety induction training:

How PlanSafe Works

Australian Fire Protection will customise your own secure PlanSafe environment tailored for your building. We’ll review your existing emergency procedures and policies and develop your site-specific emergency management plan.

Our inhouse CAD team will quickly remaster your evacuation diagrams to maintain compliance with AS3745.  
These interactive evacuation diagrams will then be accessible as part of your Online Training and induction platform.

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