Meet the Team- Patrick


Role:  Company Owner & Director

“I Nearly Burnt The House Down!”

"After nearly burning my own house down when I was younger my dad told me to "never play with fire again”. Little did either of us know at that time that I would be following in his footsteps and pursue a career in the fire industry.”

Growing up in Brunei, Patrick would spend his spare time after school earning pocket money by assisting his dad at his fire protection business. Patrick would sand down, refill and paint hundreds of fire extinguishers for the company to provide to the oil rigs owned by the Shell Corporation.


Patrick - Owner Trainer

After moving to the Gold Coast, Australia in 1986 Patrick was offered the first job he applied for which was at Australian Fire Protection. After many years of diligence and dedication, and the second sale of Australian Fire Protection, Patrick was offered the Company’s title.

“Since taking ownership of Australian Fire Protection in 2007, we have seen rapid growth throughout the company,” Patrick explains.

“We care and value each and every customer and their staff, that allows Australian Fire Protection to establish long, lasting healthy relationships with our customers.”

Pat is just one of our dedicated team members, meet the rest of the Australian Fire Protection team today.

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